Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Happy Hutchie

Hutchie sounds like the name of a hamster. It’s not. It’s short for Hutchesons’ Grammar Primary School, and is what everyone Keith knows calls the school that was our next stop. It’s on the south side of Glasgow and, as it happens, is just up the road from where the author bloke used to live until a couple of years ago. (The sleuths amongst you will have deduced from the placing of the apostrophe that there must have been more than one Hutcheson.)

The lovely Maureen had arranged this visit. Maureen is so well organised that she had booked us not long after 2010’s World Book Day. Well, as the saying goes, if you’re not fast you’re last. And Maureen wasn’t last…she was first. Good on her.

Maureen is in charge of a fantastic library/education resource space that is perfect for authors because it is lovely and cool, meaning that people like Keith don’t get all sweaty in front of pupils. That’s to everyone’s benefit, believe me.

We had some fantastic questions at this school, ones that really made Keith think. (Keith think? Who said, ‘That makes a change’? Not me!) We also had a lot of volunteers to go to the Moon. Or we did until they realised it was Friday, that it takes 3 days to reach the Moon (it being 250,000 miles away), and that they would therefore miss the weekend.

Afterwards, the author bloke signed loads of books, suspecting that some would already be finished by Monday morning, if not sooner. He’s going to have to get on with writing my next book. Pronto. With me having already been a World Saving Superhero (Lee and the Consul Mutants), a brilliant businessman (Lee Goes For Gold), an amazing detective and entertainer (Lee’s Holiday Showdown) and a intrepid astronaut….what next? I can’t wait to find out.

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