Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Keith in Beith!

We’d been to Beith Library before and couldn’t wait to be back. We always enjoy ourselves there. Jean the librarian was there to greet us. Lovely woman.

It was Friday and Keith had done a lot of talking already during the week, so having a small room crammed with pupils from Beith Primary School was perfect, not too tough on his voice. (The bin men did their best to make a racket outside but were soon on their way.)

We love it when pupils are crammed in – you can see sparks of laughter jump from one person to the next. Like fleas. Well, ok, not actual fleas. You know what I mean.

Lots of signing for Keith to do afterwards, so it wasn’t easy for the teachers to get the pupils back out into the traditional glorious March sunshine of Scotland. (Okay, that was an advertisement on behalf of the Scottish Tourist Board – it was actually miserable outside…but did we care? No, we didn’t, we’d had such a good time.)

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