Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Abram Bryn Gates

I found out what it means! Abram Bryn was not, as I suspected, a Welshman. He wasn't even a person! No, Abram is one village/estate and Bryn is another and the 'Gates' refer to the old gates to the Bryn estate. There you go, mystery solved by the husband of the deputy head teacher who was also the photographer when I visited Abram Bryn Gates Primary School today.

The school has a pets corner, complete with birds, a rabbit and several other furry animals. The author bloke, Keith, was telling me that his class at school had a hamster and that his classmates used to take it home for the weekend. Only when it came to his turn the hamster escaped from its cage, perhaps after finally realising its wheel wasn't taking it anywhere. It was never seen again. Oops!

I'm hoping to be able to post a few photos of my visit in the coming days - watch this space. Thanks to Mr Sheekey for organising for me to attend. He's the head teacher, but he's also a DJ on the weekends. Now that's a cool Head! He might like the bit about the hospital DJ in Lee and the Consul Mutants...a book that Keith launched in a children's hospital (Yorkhill in Glasgow). What a strange but great place for a book launch! I suppose you could say that was the birthplace of my fame. Anyway, the DJ part is near the beginning of chapter 8 if Mr Sheekey wants to compare himself with the hospital DJ. I think he'll find he compares rather well...

Tomorrow, Shrewsbury. Watch out Shrewsburarians...or whatever you're called.

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