Thursday, 24 February 2011

Croak croak croak

Well, the author bloke, Keith, looks more like a frog than a prince, so no surprise that this week he's also been sounding like one with his croaky throat. And so, when we turned up at St Eunan's Primary in Clydebank I thought we were in for a lot of hacking and coughing.

He'd coughed most of the way to the event, so it wasn't looking good. In filed nearly 200 pupils and staff, up stepped Keith and...and it was fine. A bit hoarser and rougher than usual, but no worse than a football manager by the end of a game. Phew. It helped that the acoustics were excellent in the nice-and-shiny new hall.

The event was organised by Sophie Hawkey-Edwards and Anne Louise Anglim from West Dunbartonshire Libraries. Anne Louise had bumped into Dawn Nelson (the D A Nelson of DarkIsle and DarkIsle:Resurrection fame) a couple of days earlier, which was a coincidence because the author bloke and I had spent most of Sunday with her, dashing around bookshops in Glasgow, Edinburgh and East Kilbride. Small world.

Talking of West Dunbartonshire Libraries, they've got copies of the Lee books, so if you're from St Eunan's and reading this you can have a look here West Dunbartonshire Libraries Kids' Zone, where you can discover which of your local libraries have which Lee books and also find the addresses and telephone numbers of the libraries.

At St Eunan's we talked about the Moon - where I go in Lee on the Dark Side of the Moon...I don't think I'm giving away much there! Quite a few pupils were keen to climb aboard my cardboard cut-out rocket and head straight there, but then they realised that they'd miss out on morning interval and decided to stay on Earth instead. A wise move, I'd say, because they would also have missed lunch. Now that really would be a disaster!

Lots of people bought books, but lots more wanted them, so the author bloke and I will be back at St Eunan's on Friday to sort that out and sign more books.

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