Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Bath time

No, not bathtime. Me, have a bath? You are kidding aren't you!

What I mean is that author bloke Keith Charters took me to Timsbury today and it's near Bath but out in the country. We were at St Mary's CofE Primary School and it was a brilliant. The pupils were doubled up with laughter half the time, which was great to see.

And then the most amazing thing happened after we left the school. Actaully quite a long time after we left it because we had to take 5 trains (yes, FIVE) to get to a place called Earlestown, which is near Wigan. After we got off the train we stood at a bus stop for a couple of minutes. (We often take the bus if it's too far to walk, it's better for the environment.) Keith wanted to check that we were waiting on the right road, so he asked a lady who was walking by. And what did she do? She asked where we were headed and when we told her Haydock she said, 'Come on, I'll give you a lift there.' So she took us to her car a few metres down the road and drove us all the way to the hotel! What a lovely woman and what a kind thing to do. Her name was Christine and she was the great aunt of someone called Jack. Keith gave her a signed copy of my first adventure, Lee and the Consul Mutants, to say thank you.

Isn't it fantastic that there are people like Christine in the world? Maybe we could clone her, although it would be confusing if nearly everyone was called Christine and you wouldn't be able to tell them apart. However, it would be very easy to get a lift to wherever you wanted to go because there would always be a Christine near by.

We're going to a place called Abram Bryn Gates tomorrow and the author bloke has given me a task. He wans me to find out why it's called Abram Bryn Gates. Was Abram Bryn a person? Was he Welsh? (His name sounds Welsh.) If so, why is a place near Wigan named after him? I'll try to remember to tell you the answers here soon if my mission is successful.

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