Thursday, 17 February 2011

The Taming of the Shrew(sbury)

After our first hot meal in a couple of days, the author bloke took me to Shrewsbury Cathedral Primary School today. Shock horror (but no surprise), the pupils voted for the ‘funny but very slightly disgusting’ part from Lee and the Consul Mutants ahead of the ‘funny and exciting’ part. Mind you, it’s what I would have voted for!

I think it’s fair to say that a good time was had by all. I certainly enjoyed it. And two teachers were young enough to remember who Del Amitri was. Actually, Keith has corrected me, Del Amitri wasn’t a person, it was the name of a band from the late 1900s. That was the last century and therefore very very very old. Keith claims cars had been invented by that time. Were they? I'm not sure I believe him.

After the event, so many people wanted to buy LEE books (yes, the ones about me) that by the time Keith had finished we had to sprint up the road towards the station. Unfortunately the author bloke is not as fast as he once was, especially when carrying a rucksack, a heavy laptop back and a pull-up poster. And I wasn’t a lot of help. So despite his best efforts and a fair bit of sweat (yuck) we heard the train pulling away as we charged across the bridge to the platform.

Of course, the author bloke is used to sorting out travel arrangements and soon had an alternative plan in place (he’s good that way). Needless to say that plan involved using the 50 minutes before the next train as eating time. There’s a great Tea Shop on the high street near the castle in Shrewsbury. There Keith selflessly scoffed down a couple of scones (1 x fruit + 1 x cherry if you want the details) to spare others from having to eat them. What a hero! Well, in fairness it was lunchtime.

To everyone who is either on their half-term break, or who is about to start theirs, have fun. May the sun shine and the snow be no more than a metre deep! And for those at the Shrewsbury school, your signed books will be waiting for you on your first day back at school. Something to look forward to. And thanks for making me and the author bloke so welcome.

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